August 13, 2012

Redefining Rustic-Guest Post

When you think of rustic furniture what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Chandeliers made of deer antlers? Bear skin rugs? Uncomfortable wooden chairs? A space that is just way too masculine? If you said yes to any of those, you wouldn’t be alone in your opinion; however, you would be wrong. It’s so much more than any of that. Rustic furniture is one style that needs an image makeover - fast!
handmade glass and ironworks chandelier

Like any style, it seems just about everyone has a different definition. Let’s try to bring the real rustic furniture style into focus though; in the simplest of terms, rustic furniture is furniture that is handcrafted from natural materials. Sometimes (especially in more modern times) this definition has been expanded to include furniture that simply appears to be handmade. Think of furniture made out of wood, certain metals, glass, stone, and leather - not deer antlers and bear skins.
 Italian leather sectional

Due to the typically subdued shades of rustic furniture (since it’s made out of natural materials), this style is often thought of as heavily masculine. That isn’t quite true, or at least it isn’t accurate in a negative way. Rustic furniture brings rich, warm, and earthy tones to any room which instantly adds a touch of comfort and coziness. Rustic furniture is sure to make any room look inviting. After all, no one is afraid of kicking back and relaxing on a sturdy leather couch - there’s no spindly legs or delicate frames here!
hand chiseled marble dining room table with hand forged iron base

The handmade furniture of this style is typically very resilient and long lasting. In fact, the nicks, dents, and scrapes that may accumulate over the years will only add character to the pieces. This is furniture you can really live with, furniture you can interact with on an everyday basis without fear of ruinous wear and tear.
handcrafted wood buffet finished in cinnamon brown with cast iron door panels

Perhaps the most beautiful characteristic of rustic furniture is it’s one-of-a-kind appearance. When furniture is handcrafted you can be assured that no two pieces are exactly alike. All of the materials from hand blow glass to hand forged iron to hand finished wood have variances and imperfections that create an exquisite uniqueness.
handcrafted mesquite wood table with hand forged iron base

Rather than masculine, heavy, and rough, rustic furniture is natural, warm, strong, and unique. It brings the outdoors in and makes any room feel like, well, home.

Article contributed by Alex Webb on behalf of Blue Moon Rustic Home Furnishings. Alex is an HGTV addict who loves exploring different interior design styles. Follow her on Twitter @alexandriakwebb.


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